About The Book

Grey Sister

The First Book of Ellorah

"What is the Wolfe’s daughter doing playing the pious Sister of the Library?"

A thousand years after the Last Demon War, mankind has forgotten. 

In the Great Library of Ellorah, Thea has grown up privileged to all the knowledge of her age. As part of the Library's holy Order, she has promised her life to the pursuit of learning and the advancement of mankind. 

Thea's life is already decided, her future planned, when Kalevi comes to Ellorah. The mysterious scholar from the Capital takes an instant interest in Thea and, despite herself, Thea can't help but feel the pull. Her quiet life of books and ink suddenly isn't so secure. For the first time, Thea is forced to question the choices she made when her mother gave her over to the Library's care. Perhaps they weren't such simple decisions after all. 

But it is not only Kalevi watching Thea. The life she has led for so long is no longer a guarantee, whether she chooses it or not.

'Grey Sister' is the first of a trilogy of fantasy novels.
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