About Me


I'm a 24 year old Education graduate, living in the tourist-packed, living history lesson that is York with my (secretly daft) boyfriend. 

After I finished university and there wasn't a magical dream-job at the end of the rainbow after all, I decided to finally try to write the book I'd always wanted to write. I finished 'Grey Sister' in March 2014 and am now looking to find an agent to represent me. 

. When not writing, I can most often be found with a book in my hand, preferably in a big fat chair or a bathtub full of bubbles. I have an addiction to coffee and overly-sweet tea. I like eggs with runny yolks and tuna melt sandwiches and pudding with lunch. I day-dream endlessly and can often be found staring into space when I really ought to be doing real world things.

I'll be keeping up to date on my attempts to enter the Big Wide World of Publishing, including the inevitable rejections. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Alys,

    Finally dropped round to your blog.

    Good luck with it


  2. Interesting stuff, Alys. As a day dreamer myself, I can certainly relate to your tendency to drift off from what you're supposed to be doing.