Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Day of Editing...

8:00am - Boyfriend leaves for work and I wake up. Browse the internet for a while.

9:00am - Get some coffee and eggs and start on Chapter 18.

10:20am - Get a shower and get dressed.

11:20am - Chapter 19.

11:40am: Chapter 20. Run out of coffee.

12:10pm: Chapter 21.

12:20pm: Chapter 22.

12:35pm: Get distracted by Tumblr.

1:30pm: Pasta break.

1:50pm: Back to work! Chapter 23.

2:15pm: Chapter 24. Squeal over my own characters like a ridiculous fan girl.

2:40pm: Boil kettle to make much-needed tea.

2:50pm: Chapter 25 while painting nails and drinking afore-mentioned tea.

3:20pm: Get distracted by internet again.

3:30pm: Chapter 26.

3:45pm: Chapter 27. I have such a nice computer chair, but nevertheless: my booty hurts.

4:20pm: Finish editing for the day as we're going to a party tonight (which sounds very young and cool of us until you realise it's an 80th birthday party).

Was this really boring to read? I have no idea. Ha ha. Sorry if it was!

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